Is your content working as well as it possibly can?

A few weeks ago I carried out a quick content review for a colleague on LinkedIn.

This is a service I now want to offer more widely. If you put out content regularly, such as a blog or newsletter, the chances are you don’t want to spend the time or money getting it professionally proofread each time. (I get it – I don’t either.) Often you just want to get it out there while it’s fresh, and that’s fine.

That said, paying attention to the details of your content means it will be more polished, and ultimately more impressive. It will reach more people if it’s presented as well as it can be. (I’ve written more about this here.)

This is where a quick content review by a text professional like me comes in. I can analyse a typical piece of your content, such as a newsletter, and give you a set of pointers: what’s working well, and what you could improve to make it more readable and accessible, and have more impact. I’ll provide this in the form of a short report that you can refer back to.

What qualifies me to do this? Well, I’ve spent 24 years as an editor. I’ve worked on all sorts of content, from books and magazines to websites and press releases. I can look at any piece of text and very quickly identify what’s working and what isn’t, and what you can do yourself to make it better.

My aim is to provide an affordable service (because it is quick), but one that will offer real value for you, with practical steps to help you improve your content immediately, and in future.

If you’d like me to do a quick content review for you, get in touch!

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