What yoga practice is teaching me about editing

I’ve been practising yoga for about five months now, which isn’t really long enough for me to have a clear idea of what it even is yet, let alone be able to write about it. It’s possible that I will only ever scratch the surface. But despite this newness, I feel so strongly that it has already helped me in … Read More

Riding the confidence wave (still)

This is a post I wrote and published in September 2015, just before I turned 40. I’ve often thought about it since – and especially now, as I prepare to take part in a session on blogging for the upcoming CIEP conference (#CIEP2021). I planned to update it for this blog (it originally appeared on my old blog, Eat Sleep … Read More

Freelance editing and the summer holidays

I’ve been fantasising about writing this post for a month … but here in the UK it’s been the summer holidays, so in reality it’s been all I can do to keep paid work going at a roughly normal level, and aim to get my kids off their screens and into the fresh air at least once a day. I … Read More

Too much information, or not enough?

I started mulling over writing this post months ago, after the first flurry of posts I’d published on my new website. My partner read one of them and he said, ‘I’m amazed at how much you give away, sometimes. You’re sharing trade secrets. You’re telling people how to do what you do!’ He looked a bit worried. So I told … Read More

How I learned to deal with freelance anxiety

I thought I might write a post about imposter syndrome, as this is something that affects so many freelance editors, sometimes to the point where they no longer feel they can function. But then I realised that imposter syndrome isn’t something I’ve often been troubled by in my editorial career. I’ve nearly always maintained a firm belief that, twenty-something years … Read More