What learning additional languages can teach me about editing my own

Last spring I decided to start learning another language again. I say ‘again’, because I do have some prior experience of learning languages. I studied French at school between the ages of 11 and 18, as well as a year of German from 13–14. When I was about 26 I spent two terms learning Spanish at an evening class, and … Read More

The aesthetics of editing

Editing text is a strange undertaking. The job is composed of many quite technical aspects – but without art, without attention to beauty, it is compromised. The technical aspects can be time-consuming to accomplish, and they’re essential. When I’m copyediting a piece of text, for example, I will do all of the following as a minimum: Check the overall structure … Read More

The story of a new name

I decided to change the name of my business for three reasons. The first was that I felt the business name I had no longer properly reflected who I was as an editor. When I first came up with ‘Liz Jones Editorial Solutions’, around ten years ago, I was happy with it. I had recently changed my own name (I … Read More